Rocket League: Where RC Car Come Alive

Rocket League has became very popular among gamers who enjoy arena sports with a twist. The game itself has many different modes from Beachball to Rumble.

The main point is easy enough, players need to score their team ball into the opponent's goal. However, opposing players are going to go out of the their way to stop this from happening. The difference between this game and other arena games is players are in RC Cars and instead of kicking the ball into a goal, players drive their cars into the ball, pushing it into the right direction. Along the way to the goal players can hit marks on the field that can give them a little extra boost or power up to help them out. Players who use these boosts at the right time can be pushed right into the goal with ease, but if they use it wrong, they can be thrown into their own goal, scoring a point for the opposing team.

These cars can be decked out to the players liking with different skins, wheels, and even antennas, so players have a customized feel. Some of the skins are for mere decoration, while others have actual purpose, keeping up with the players statistics from the game. Sounds can be added to the cars as well, the options are nearly endless when modifying the look, sound, and feel of them.

There is a Rocket Pass available if gamers want additional tiers, bonuses, and rewards, however once players buy the initial game, they do not have to pay anything else if they choose not to.

Rocket League is a highly addicting RC sports game. For more details click this rocket league boosting.