What is the Rocket League Game?

Rocket League came out in 2015 and quickly became popular because of its unique concept. It combines soccer and car racing into one game. Up to four players are divided into two teams. The "Rocket League" title comes from the rocket powered cars that the players drive. Players score points by trying to drive the ball into their opponent's goal. The game was released on multiple platforms. It was first designed for the PlayStation 4 and came out on the Xbox about 7 months later. Players can also transfer game play across platforms.

The Rocket League game began as Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, better known as Battle-Cars. Battle-Cars had very choppy graphics and limited capabilities for the cars. Rocket League introduced more streamlined graphics. 

Matches in Rocket League go very quickly. Most do not last for much longer than five minutes. There is the option for a sudden death round just as in traditional soccer. Rocket League also has versions, called "mutations" that modify game play for increased or decreased difficulty. Players can modify the speed of the balls or make them bouncier. There are also versions of Rocket League that mimic hockey and basketball. Downloading the game itself is free. Players have the option to purchase add-ons within the game.

Rocket League has received positive reviews and achieved more than 10 million sales in 2018. Critics typically praise the smooth game play and aesthetics.

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